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Students discover Spanish culture through tango class

Today, at LHS, students from the higher-level Spanish classes got the rare and exceptional opportunity to learn how to dance the tango with instructors that came especially for them.

Many students were looking forward to this event as it is new to most of them and they were eager to learn about one of Spain’s traditional dances.

“I think it will show me a part of another culture that I’ve never really experienced in any way so that will be fun and it’s exciting that we don’t only get to learn the language, we also get to learn about things that people do in other countries” said senior Annika Cobb.

Cobb has experience with dancing but never tried a partner dance so this was a really new and different dancing style for her.

“Tango is in a very close partnership and it is a lead-follow dance so there’s a lot of communication that goes on between the couple because it’s all improvised” said tango instructor Rick Moss.

Moss has been dancing the tango for twenty years now and if the only reason he started was because he wanted to dance with a girl he liked, that is not why he kept doing it for so many years.

“I kept doing it because it’s really fun, it’s social, it’s athletic and it’s musical” said Moss.

According to him, tango is a very special dance because it has so many elements to it, and even after dancing for twenty years and taking many classes, he admitted that he still hasn’t seen all of it. There are many moves that exist and as the leader, Moss had even more to learn.

“I have responsibilities for making sure my partner is lead properly, is on her axis, that she’s having fun and that we don’t run into anybody” said Moss.

Moss and his partner have been instructing tango at Jesuit high school before and are planning on taking up any opportunity to share their passion for tango at other high schools.

“This was fun, I look forward to this kind of teaching experience and this was a great group of kids and everybody was generous and hospitable and wanted to learn,” said Moss.

Like Moss said, everyone was very happy to learn how to dance the tango and to discover a part of Spanish culture that they didn’t know much about before and the students will be looking forward to more experience like this one in the future.