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Girls’ swimming kicks off the season

This Thursday, November 12, the LHS girls’ swim team started off their season with a splash.

A total of 31 students filled the lanes at their first mandatory practice of the season. “I’m just thrilled with that. I didn’t know how many [girls] to expect,” said new swim coach Kelly Seavall.

The start of this season not only brought the girls a new coach, but also new faces all around. The waters were filled with freshmen looking forward to the swim season.

“I didn’t know what swimming for a high school team would really be like, but it has been great so far. I am super excited to swim with everyone,  and I can already tell it’s going to be awesome,” said freshman Ciara Viar.

Although this was their first mandatory practice of the season, many of the girls have been going into the pool for extra practice over the past few weeks. The team is working harder than ever, and it definitely shows.

“So far, they are looking really good,” said Seavall. “I think it’s going to be a fun season.”008 b