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New drama “Blood and Oil”

ABC’s new tv series “Blood and Oil” stars a couple, Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody LeFever (Rebecca Rittenhouse) who dream of something big beyond their normal lives. After hearing about the oil boom in North Dakota, they put everything on the line to get something they’ve always wanted: power and wealth. Along the way, they somehow get themselves involved with a tycoon, Hap Briggs (Don Johnson) who convinces Billy to invest everything he owns towards the oil business. Hap seems like he means well towards Billy because he completely invests himself into helping him prosper, but it’s hard to tell what Hap’s motive actually is.Will they lose it all? Found out every Tuesday at 10.

This series is a compilation of suspense and drama. It follows the life of people who strive for power, and will do anything to grab hold of it.

The producers do a great job portraying the emotions the characters feel, but they over-dramatize every moment. This soapy drama portrays people who are clearly put into difficult situations where they could lose everything: house, job, family, but even the most insignificant events are over played with excessive suspenseful background music and melodramatic actors. But if you are a person who craves lots, and I mean lots, of drama, then this is a highly recommended show for you.