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TSA catapults into competition prep

The LHS TSA chapter received a special demonstration on Thursday November 12, after undergrad students from CU Denver came to LHS to demonstrate a gigantic catapult. The day started with a small lesson in the physics of the machine, but then TSA members were allowed to try the a 6 foot long catapult themselves.

The demonstration was part of a community outreach program operated by the University of Colorado. Adam Rauff, the catapult constructor, works specifically with TSA chapters all across the Denver-Metro Area.

“I think we’re helping students think outside the box through these demos. It’s a way to get them to start thinking proactively before competition,” said Rauff.

Competition preparation can never stop for TSA, who have placed first in the state competition 12 of the last 14 years. This is not the only demonstration that the outreach program has done for LHS.

“We did a demo in Solidworks earlier this semester, and have a few rough plans in the works for the next semester,” said Rauff.

TSA members enjoyed the experience of shooting water balloons out of the catapult, however it was not a huge success. The farthest any member got their balloon to launch was around 8 feet.