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Boys’ winter fashion

Boys here something you might not know. Girls aren’t the only ones that need to dress to impress. Boys need to step up their game. No more athletic shorts and sweaters.  Let’s get over middle school trends. And please try to match colors. Everyone knows that red, green and purple don’t go together.

I talked to girls around LHS and asked them is fashion important and what type of clothes do they like to see best on the men of LHS. Common response were that boys looked best in sweaters and khaki. So here are some tips on how to pull that off.

As you can see boys it’s time to step up your game. Girls want to see a little effort in appearance. It is no longer acceptable to wear Nike flip flops, sweat pants and under armor t-shirts.

In the upcoming winter months here are some fashion tips to help you stay cozy, comfy and stylish.

First khakis or jeans are always a good choice in the winter. Pair khakis or jeans with a shirt or patterned t-shirt. Make sure to pair the dark colors with the light ones.

Also, one tip of advice is to avoid wearing shorts. If you dress like its summer it doesn’t make you look tough or brave. It does not prove manliness. It just proves insanity, walking outside in below freezing weather with a bro tank and shorts.

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Here are some pictures as guidance towards a new wardrobe or style: