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International Week 2015

Every year, LHS celebrates diversity and cultures from around the world with International Week.  International Week is comprised of a series of educational, cultural and recreational events designed to foster interest in our global community. Everyone is encouraged to attend as teachers, students and staff give presentations about their experiences abroad and their own cultures. Guest speakers will also be present to talk about the benefits of a global education, as well as opportunities for international exchange and volunteer programs.


This year there are some new types of presentations as latin dancers and a capoeira fighting group will be performing in the North Gym. As always, the art department will be offering the chance for students to use henna, and there will be an intramural soccer tournament after school on Wednesday.


This is also a time to support Musanna Orphanage in Uganda, an organization created by LHS alumni. Musanna is an orphanage, community center and school for primary, middle and secondary education. There will be a craft fair featuring their products, as well as opportunities to donate money for water, food, and livestock to this cause.


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