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Littleton Cheers take on the competition

Tonight the Littleton High School cheer team headed up to Chatfeild High School to compete against many other schools in a cheer competition. The team did well, and was very proud of their work.

“It went great.We came in like 3rd or 4th and we hit everything. A lot of people showed up tonight too,” said sophomore Tatum Lyons.

Many people may not know what a cheer competition consists of. For starters, the team arrives before they preform. Once the whole team is there, they head to the warm up mats and get mentally and physically ready. After that, its show time. The team is scored based on how high leveled and clean the stunt group is, how well the periods formations are, and how much tumbling and dancing they have.

The team has come a long ways, and always works their hardest.

“We are doing so much better than last year,” said sophomore Leslie Williams.

The spirit team brings a lot to both competitions and school events.

“We have come very far this year. We’re trying to cheer at every sport.” said Lyons.

Even with all of their accomplishments, they still have many goals for this school year.

“Our main goals are to hit everything at games and other performances, and to show people we care about every sport” Said Lyons

The cheer team really helps create and maintain spirit at many sport games. They also are dedicated and work incredibly hard. They have a lot to be proud of and are sure to do well for the rest of their season. FullSizeRender (12)

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