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LHS Mane Stage Reopening Performance

A new light display set the scene for a vast variety of performers, LHS alumni, faculty and students alike who showed off their talents in the Littleton Mane Stage Grand Reopening performance tonight.

The performance focused on alumni that became successful in the field of performing arts. A multitude of performers thanked the LHS community for voting to give bond money to Littleton High School. The event was held in the new LHS theater to showcase the renovations to the theater.

Performers included a LHS graduate and current Denver University jazz major, Camilla Vaitaitis playing a piano number that set a scene similar to a quaint music venue in New Orleans. LHS alumni, Tess Healy electrified the stage with her voice, singing Who’s Loving You.

Even a few teachers made a special appearance. Don Emmons accompanied LHS alum Julia Bransgrove in a funky oboe and flute duet. The Stulock sisters, Sydney Stulock and Gretchen Stulock, an English teacher at LHS impressed the audience with their piano and cello skills. The highlight of the night was the theatrical, hilarious performance of “Song that Goes like This” from “Monty Python’s Holy Grail” by theater teacher, Kryssi Martin and choir teacher Jim Farrell.

The night also boasted the extraordinary LHS alumni with a video. The video captured the views and accomplishments of LHS graduates that couldn’t make the performance. It showed interviews with LHS alum that were actors on Broadway, music theory teachers and producers. Many thanked their performing arts teachers and LHS for getting them to the place they are today.

The night came to a close with a beautiful self written piano piece written by Marshall Luke called Bella Vida. Luke played a huge part in the acquisition of the black shiny grand piano that sits center stage.

Principal Amy Oaks calls the theater, “the jewel in the crown” and others agreed.

“I do really enjoy the theater especially the new electronic soundboards,” said senior Owen Ortlieb.

The night was one that highlighted the performing arts potential of LHS and captured the essence of its talents.


LHS alum Barret Harper sings “Caught in a Storm” with the help of Gretchen and Sydney Stulock



Theater teacher Kryssi Martin and choir teacher Jim Farrell sing a duet



The LHS troubadours sing the national anthem



Principal Amy Oaks greets guests entering the LHS Mane Stage performance



Two choir members greet pass out program forms to entering audience members