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Boys’ basketball falls short in home opener

Tonight, December 3, the LHS boys’ varsity basketball team took on Prairie View High School in their first home game of the season. The team was excited to get out on the court as a team, but at the end of the night, faced their second loss of the season. As it is the very beginning of the season and teams are just getting started, tonight’s game was sloppy on both sides, with the refs calling many fouls and both teams getting turnovers frequently.

The boys have been working hard in practice to become a coherent team and utilize everyone’s skills.

“Execution is the place where we need the most improvement because we’re a group that hasn’t ever really played together so we’re still adjusting to each other’s tendencies and kind of just learning in general the style of team we’re going to be this year,” said team captain Sam Kail.

The team was happy with their ability to attack the lane, draw fouls and finish layups but are always looking to improve.

Many fans came out to support the team tonight and the boys hope to see even more in the future.

“We really appreciate the fans who came out tonight and would love to fill the gym on game nights because we feed off the crowd’s energy well and play better and it’s a lot more fun,” said Kail.

As the team continues to get better they keep in mind their goals to compete for a playoff spot once they start league games after winter break.

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