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La Bronze, a new international artist

Do you ever feel like some songs would be better if you couldn’t understand the lyrics? If that’s your case, you should listen to this singer from Morocco La Bronze. Alternating between French and traditional Arabic dialect, she will make you travel across the ocean just with the sound of her voice.

To be honest, I first discovered La Bronze though another artist I love: Stromae. The first song I heard from her was a version of his song “formidable”. Now, like I said before, I really love Stromae; yet her version amazed me even more.

And this is just the beginning. I then listened to her other songs and they kept getting better, with usually few background instruments and mostly her beautiful voice.

Now, it’s very rare for me to enjoy songs when there is more voice than actual music but she is an exception for me. Her voice is an instrument all by itself and so much stronger than the instruments, like piano or guitar, that she uses to accompany her.

Another thing I truly love about La Bronze is the exotic side of her music. It shouldn’t be too exotic for me since she is singing in French but the way she pronounces each word and mixes the language with Arabic makes her songs a lot more different than the other French songs I usually listen to.

So if I convinced you in these few lines, go listen to some of her songs from her album, called La Bronze, just like her stage name, and enjoy being transported to Morocco or France through a couple of her songs.