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LHS Mane Stage Prepares for “The Producers”

This Saturday LHS hosted its first Musical Theater Workshop in preparation for this year’s musical, “The Producers”. Teachers Kryssi Martin and Eric Pung led LHS students in a 3 hour workshop filled with dance, singing, and fun. First, Mr. Pung started off by teaching the students the basics of tap dancing, including, a shuffle, a front flap, back flap, and a time step.

After an hour or so of taping, the gears shifted to singing and the necessities of acting a song. First, Martin gave tips on how to approach an audition, like finding your light, dressing properly, being confident, and not looking into the director’s eyes while singing. Then she gave two demonstrations, one on how not to act a song, and then one of how to act a song. Next, the instructors gave the students the opportunity to sing 16 bars of a song, and then Pung and Martin gave each person individual tips on how to improve. Lastly, Pung taught small dance combos to the students at different difficulty levels, to get used to what it feels like to be at a dance callback. Overall, the students learned a lot and for those who had never been involved in a LHS production had an excellent chance to test the waters.

For those of you who missed the workshop but still want to audition, here’s what you need to know. There will be an informational meeting on either Tuesday or Wednesday after school that you are strongly encouraged to attend. Auditions will be January 7th, the day we return from winter break. Those auditioning will need to sing 16 bars of a song from musical with sheet music with them. It is recommend that you refrain from songs from “The Producers” or songs without accompaniment. After the song, you will have to perform a time step” which is a type of tap move. If you didn’t attend the workshop and you don’t know what a time step is, there are plenty of Youtube tutorials to assist you.

All students are encouraged to audition, so get ready to sing your hearts out LHS!