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Marching Band wins Colorado Springs’ “Festival of Lights”

On Saturday December 5, the LHS Lion Pride Marching Band competed in Colorado Springs’ “Festival of Lights”, which is similar to Denver’s “Parade of Lights’, just in the Springs. The band marched in competition against numerous others from around the Colorado Springs region, placing first by a 10+ point margin.

“We didn’t think we did very well, but then placed first. So that was a nice turnout,” said senior Courtney Coleman.

The band has done very well this year, adding this first place finish to the one at the Colorado State Fair in October. As the marching season drums to a close, the band will turn into a more instrumental concert band, with the winter concert coming on Tuesday, December 8.

“We had some issues trying to remember our music, and we had a different formation during our march so it was pretty neat,” said Coleman.

The instrumental winter concert is on Tuesday December 8 and it will feature several musicians from the marching band as well as LHS’s jazz bands and orchestra.