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Uno Mas: The perfect taqueria

Nestled in the historic block of Pearl Street lies a multitude of delicious restaurants, all of which differ from each other, with one exception; they all serve mouthwatering foods. One restaurant which specifically stands out is Uno Mas Taqueria, located on Florida and S. Pearl St.

Uno Mas specializes in high quality street tacos, all of which are around three dollars, so most consumers eat around two to four tacos depending on their hunger level. There is a range of about fifteen tacos, which all contain different local and house-grown ingredients.  The guacamole is home-made and some of the best guacamole in the area, but it is a little pricy at eight dollars. If you want something to snack on but don’t want to pay that hefty price, the chips and salsa comes with three delicious salsas and raquelitas chips.

The food is very fresh, all of the meat has been purchased from a local rancher  and they have 6,600 square feet where they grow vegetables and herbs, so the food is as fresh as possible.

The interior of Uno Mas has a casual, rustic vibe. During warmer seasons, the outdoor patio is a perfect place to enjoy the company of friends with delicious foods. The inside is a little small, so there is often a wait on weekends around dinner time. However, if you visit Uno Mas on a weeknight there will most likely be no wait.

The service at Uno Mas is always friendly. As tables are small and the interior is intimate, Uno Mas is a good choice for date night or going out with a few friends, but it may be harder to find a table and be able to socialize with everyone if you are eating with more than a few friends.

Overall, Uno Mas is a great restaurant to go to regardless of how hungry you are or how much you are willing to spend; if you want to spend two dollars on a taco that is possible but if you are willing to spend $25 on guacamole and multiple tacos that would not be a challenge. The food is fresh and delicious and the restaurant has a great atmosphere, so if you have not yet been to Uno Mas make sure to give it a try.