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LHS welcomes Temple Grandin

On December 7, Littleton High School hosted guest speaker, Temple Grandin. Grandin is a professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University, an autism rights activist and a consultant of the livestock industry.

During her lecture, Grandin discussed teaching students who are under the autism, dyslexic or asperger spectrum. She discussed the importance of teaching work skills in order to teach these students practical skills, such as agriculture. Grandin also discussed how people have different ways of thinking, such as visual thinking and pattern thinking. For Grandin, her thinking is visual and associative, meaning that when she sees one particular thing, she will think of everything relating to that thing that she has seen in her life. This kind of thinking was heavily discussed during the lecture.

Along with Grandin’s lecture, she also did a book signing and meet and greet following it. IMG_1459  IMG_1418 IMG_1437