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Chicago Med the newest of the three Chicago shows

Firefighters, police and now doctors are now all part of the three series set of TV shows all showcasing the city of Chicago. Chicago Med is the newest series to the set of NBC shows, the first being Chicago Fire and then Chicago PD. This show focuses on the doctor’s in the city of Chicago, as they try to save the lives of the citizens of Chicago.

Some critique this show as a sad attempt to not only extend the series but also to add to the ever growing list of hospital dramas. While I do understand this critique, I don’t think that this show is that bad, in fact at times I find it quite interesting. It may not be the new Grey’s Anatomy but it is still interesting to see the drama that occurs in the busy life of the doctors and patient in the city of Chicago.

Another part of the show that I like is how it connects to the other two shows. While I do not avidly watch all of the series I do find them interesting and appreciate even the small moments in which they all connect, even if it is just the short appearance of a firefighter or cop that is from the other two series.

The focus of the show varies from night to night.  With some episodes dealing with the usual car crash to others like last week’s episode focusing more on an even scarier, if possible, spin on a theater shooting.

As the patients are each treated there is normally some comedy relief from the ever drastic drama that occurs on the show.

I would recommend Chicago Med to anybody who wants a new dramatic hospital show. Next week’s episode will be a two night special that will be a crossover of all three of the shows. Chicago Med airs on NBC Tuesday nights.