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A Great Day at the Fair

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up to see the newest attraction at the Littleton High School Fair! Here we already offer exhilarating rides and games such as the I.O.P. Tilt-a-Whirl, the Final Exam Emotional Rollercoaster, the Pin-the-Tail on Your Self-Worth, and Wasting Your Life Away on Partying Express – a ride in which you must be at least this popular to ride. So as if that isn’t enough you can now take the fun with you wherever you go with our new social media outlet: LHS Makeouts!

A couple of weeks ago students started an instagram page called LHS Makeouts. Now don’t rush to pull out your phone and look it up because the creators took the page down. Unfortunately it seems, they grew tired of exposing people for no reason and removed the account.

In a nutshell, the page was dedicated to sophomores making out – usually these sophomores were also at parties and more than likely drunk. Now I’ll admit when I was followed by LHS Makeouts, I followed them back. But it wasn’t because I had nothing better to do than to look at my classmates making out, it was because I was interested in who would be featured and more than that I was curious as to who could be so ignorant as to think setting up a page like that wouldn’t receive negative feedback.

I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to make out with whomever they see fit. I’m not trying to say that it’s tacky that sophomores are partying, or making out, or even taking pictures of it. I’m saying it’s tacky that people are breaking the boundaries of privacy and respect and are posting those pictures solely with the purpose of gaining pleasure by exploiting others.

It actually sort of makes me nauseous to think about what was going through the minds of the creator(s). Like “Oh I have all this homework and chores and social obligations, but hey, taking out the trash can wait. I feel like I’ll make an Instagram page where I’ll post pictures of underclassmen chewing each other’s faces off!”

And to make matters worse, some people couldn’t understand why the page could be seen as rude, immature, and unnecessary. And that’s just to name a few.

It is rude because it disregards people’s personal boundaries, it could have easily embarrassed people and it was just plain inconsiderate. I’m sure the last thing a girl or guy who had a lapse in judgement wants is to see that mistake plastered all over instagram.

It is immature and no counter argument is going to win. There is no way exploiting others’ intimate activities is mature.

Finally, it’s unnecessary! It’s crude and tacky and the only purpose it served was to give me motivation to write this story.

So as you tire from your long day here at the fair, it may ease your mind to know that your fellow peers created an attraction  quite like a magic show, you see, they make boundaries disappear.