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Littleton’s own Jurnee Manley takes on American Idol

It’s no secret that Littleton High school is full of very talented students. Whether it is in academics, sports or music, talent flows through the hallways of Littleton High School.
Recently, one of Littleton’s own decided to take her talent to the next level. This individual is Junior Jurnee Manley, who has been singing for as long as she can remember.
“My mom said I knew all the words to the songs she listened to before I even knew what they meant,” said Manley
About a year ago, Manley decided that she wanted to try out for the final season of American Idol. There is a huge process involved and hundreds of people going out for a few spots. However, Manley was determined.
“There were hundreds of us and we all went up in groups of four and only one or two people made it through in each group. I was the only one who made it in my group,” said Manley
What viewers see on television is only part of a huge process.
“There were about six auditions before the auditions with the actual judges, so it took a while,” said Manley
After making it through all six of her auditions, Manley began her audition process in front of the camera and in front of Judges. To put that into perspective, the judges are music legends such as Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.
“(singing for the judges) was nerve- wracking. I was really nervous because J-Lo was staring at me so I could’ve done better” ,said Manley
As glorious as being on television sounds, Manley still faced some challenges during her live audition.
“I had all my songs picked out and then ten minutes before I was supposed to sing for the judges they said I had to pick new ones because mine weren’t approved” said Manley
In the end, Manley sang “If I were a boy” by Beyonce and “Almost is never enough” by Ariana Grande.
Because of this experience, Manley was able to get a taste of fame.
“Being in front of cameras was crazy, they were all over the place. I probably did more than 30 interviews everyday no joke. Its hard work” Said Manley
With hard work comes lot of dedication as well as commitment.
“I learned what show business really takes. I was up at 4 am until 4 am. It was hard work. There’s a lot more that goes into it than just singing.” Said Manley
The final season of American Idol premiers tonight on Fox at 8 pm, be sure to tune in and watch Jurnee Manley’s audition.
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