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Seniors: SWAG update

The seniors attending a meeting held in the forum on January 21, 2016 to decide the fate of SWAG, came away with a strong sense of what SWAG was going to turn into. Rather than it be a fully uncontrolled, distracting, rowdy event like it has been in the past, SWAG will turn into more individual, senior-bonding events scattered throughout the spring.

There will be a senior pancake breakfast sometime in March. This is separate from the senior breakfast on the last day of school, and will be school sponsored. Then seniors will have a “senior-day”, later in the semester, which will most likely constitute of a field day after classes and a drive in movie with the screen posted over the new athletic performance center.

These ideas were proposed to administration and building council in early December, and after much deliberation are what have been presented. Dates and times of all three events are TBA.

During the meeting, Assistant Principal Cathy Benton emphasized that the events had to be overseen by school, could not interrupt any class time, and must be within LHS and LPS rules. The senior events must also stay within United States constitutional law, in light of what happened last year.

The senior breakfast will most likely be during one of the freshman, sophomore and junior assessment days. If you are a senior and are interested in planning any of the three events, email Benton at cbenton@lps.k12.co.us to express interest.