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Sanders Stands Out

Last night at the Iowa caucus, our favorite democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders, was able to close the gap behind front runner Hillary Clinton to land a tie.  Sanders was predicted by the Des Moines Register poll, historically the most accurate poll in the Iowa Caucus, to place 3 percent behind Clinton this Saturday.  Sanders made that deficit up by increased turnout by younger voters and strong ground game in Iowa.

This week in fashion, to support our generation’s favorite curmudgeonly socialist, wear Bernie Sanders apparel.  His pins, hats, shirts and other merchandise will make a statement wherever you go.  The Sander’s apparel will turn any outfit from normal to chat worthy in seconds.

Sander’s swag will leave an indelible impression with anyone you meet.  Older generations has viewed our generation as politically apathetic.  Surprise them by blaring the bold statements supported by Sanders of wealth redistribution and universal healthcare.

Even if you are not a supporter of Sander’s policy outline, his clothing will make you look edgier.  Also, your new clothing will be the perfect segue into the political conversations you didn’t know you wanted to have with your friends and family.

No matter what the reason rush for the Sanders apparel.  Wear it passionately, wear it skeptically, wear it ironically, but make sure to wear Bernie.

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