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FBLA takes on Districts

On Friday February 14, LHS FBLA went to their district competition at Johnson and Wales University and competed against other schools in order to qualify for state and to participate in workshops.

The day started early with the members arriving for check in at seven. Then throughout the day they participated in business workshops. Many students also gave presentations or went through interviews as part of the event. This part of the day was judged, with many of the students doing well.

“I was two points away from getting first place,” said junior Brisa Bañuelos who went through interviews.

Juniors Madi Wells, Emma Parkhurst, and Candace Lu ended with a first place finish in the e-business category.

The day ended with a keynote speech “Creating the Champion Within” by youth resilience speaker Molly Kennedy, and an award ceremony.

Overall the day was fun, educational and successful for many of the students in FBLA.

“My favorite part was competing because I impressed myself in my ability the job interview questions” said Bañuelos.