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Embrace spring fever with 2016 Color of the Year

Everyone loves spring, so what better way to embrace your favorite season than by bringing some new colors to your look?

Every year, the company Pantone names a new Color of the Year. Don’t worry, this is way more than a mere fashion statement. A color is chosen based on its capacity to symbolize a common attitude or mood in our society. For the first time ever, Pantone has chosen to introduce a mix of two shades as their Color of the Year for 2016, one they feel has a softer approach than past colors-the blending of  Rose Quartz and Serenity.

With the two shades joined together, the company intended for the subsequent color to convey a sense of order and peace, a feeling much sought after in today’s society, riddled with stress. The colors reflect a balance between the warm rose hue of acceptance, and a cool blue, representing tranquility. It is meant to promote wellness, and represent a comfort of sort for the anxiety that so many of us encounter.

Colors in today’s society which give off a vibe of security and reassurance are becoming more and more popular, and Pantone felt that these new, pale, welcoming tones offered that psychological fulfillment which would attract more consumers.

The clashing pink and blue shades also offer a different perception on the traditional associations with gender and color.  Our society has recently experienced a shift in the traditional views of sexuality. These two classic colors were strategically blended together to represent those societal shifts, symbolizing more sexual equality, as well as more acceptance toward gender fluidity.

This Color of the Year is not only a pretty and stylish hue, but it also has some important symbolism hidden underneath its deceitful simplicity, so why not give it a try in your springtime wardrobe?