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LHS Singers Perform in the Kauffman Center as part of SWACDA

This week several singers at our school got to participate in the Southwest American Choral Directors Association Honor Choir(SWACDA), in Kansas City Missouri. The choir is made up of some of the best high school singers from the seven state region.

Students Kailu Shannon-Froehlich, Marissa Kelley, Alie Watson, Jessica Cordova, Patrick Hayes and Sam Glaser in order to get into the choir had to send in audition tapes with them singing both Amazing Grace and My Country Tis of Thee.  After they sent in their audition tapes the students had to wait in order to hear if they were going to get in.

“A few weeks later i got an email saying congratulations, you have been selected to be in the SWACDA 8-10 women choir” said Freshman Jess Cordova.

The choir arrived on Monday for night rehearsal and settled in. The nest two days were filled with all day rehearsals.

“We were practicing from like 9am to 11pm everyday until the performance, on Thursday” said Cordova.

Despite the long days the singers were still able to have some breaks where they went and visited different museums and watched an acapella group perform.

On Thursday, the choirs got to perform in one of the most prestigious performance halls, Kauffman Center.

“My two favorite parts of the trip were getting to make new friends and getting to perform the songs and being able to hit the high notes”said Cordova.

Overall the SWACDA provided the students and singers with a great opportunity to learn about music, while having fun and making new friends in other parts of the country.