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“Sing” Spring Concert Choir lights up the stage

The Spring Concert put on by the Vocal Music Department was executed excellently.  The concert, titled “Sing,” displayed the great talent that LHS has to offer.  Mr. Jim Farrell, the LHS vocal music director, showcased songs from across the globe.  Selections included pieces from India, Scandinavia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and many other diverse places.  All of the choirs were able to demonstrate their exemplary range with these difficult pieces.

The ensembles showed professionalism and decorum in the performance.  The many weeks that were devoted to this performance were apparent.

“I’m really proud of to be a part of this choir.  We have been just getting better and better.  This performance has been the best so far this year,” said Freshman Patrick Hayes.

The performance followed a standard concert format until the last song.  Throughout, the different choirs would take turns on the stage performing their select songs.  The last song on the other hand broke the script.  While Troubadours was wrapping up their set, All of the other choirs rushed the stage and aisles to surround the audience in sound for their final number, “Sing” by Penatonix.

“Everyone was really excited to perform the finale,” said Hayes, “It is so fun, and the audience got such a kick out of it.”

If you missed this concert, you may still be in luck.  The spring instrumental music concert is tomorrow March 16th from 7pm to 9.