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March Madness lives up to its name

Every year as March rolls around, peoples’ minds go from shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day to spring break in the sun. Yet, March Madness may be one of the best things about the month. Whether a follower of college basketball or not, millions of people fill out a bracket in hopes of coming out on top. Bracket pools can range from a couple of dollars to huge amounts of money. It’s pretty great because you really don’t have to know anything and you could still end up with cash. Even picking teams off their colors can be a really awesome strategy because going off of a team’s seeding does not guarantee success.

As it wouldn’t be March Madness without upsets, there were many huge ones this year. The biggest one being No. 15 Middle Tennessee beating No. 2 Michigan State in the first round. The Michigan State upset was a giant blow for so many brackets, proving anything can happen.
After tons of brackets got busted, it came down to the Final Four with No. 10 Syracuse being a surprise contender. The games were not close at all as Villanova hammered Oklahoma 95-51 and North Carolina took down Syracuse 83-66. In the championship between Villanova and North Carolina, it was crazy. With five minutes left, Villanova had a strong 10 point lead but North Carolina tied it at 74 with five seconds left. Everyone thought it was going to overtime when Villanova hit a three point shot right at the buzzer to win 77-74. With an unbelievable end like that, excitement for next year’s roller coaster of games is already starting.