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Can YOU spot the shade?

Want to take a break of all your schoolwork, but don’t want to play a lame old video game? Have I got the perfect app for you! This fun app is lighthearted and stress-free, but there are actually brain benefits to playing this game. This app is great for improving processing speed and observation skills, and you can even get a little competitive with yourself. This awesome app is called Shade Spotter.

What exactly is Shade Spotter? Well, the name Shade Spotter is pretty self explanatory. On each round, you will be given rows of squares on your screen that are all the same color, except one square is a slightly different shade of that color. Tap on the square that is slightly lighter or darker than the rest of the squares in order to advance to the next round. Each round that you advance either has more squares or the square that is different gets harder and harder to spot. The Shade Spotter app gives you 30 seconds to try to get through as many levels as you can. The game records your high score each time, so you can work to beat it each time you play!

Shade Spotter has three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Easy and medium are both similar, but hard has different shapes besides squares, and it is surprisingly much more difficult to spot the shape that is not like the others.

WARNING: This game can be addicting, so make sure you don’t let yourself get sucked in for too long! If you are super competitive, you may find yourself yelling at your phone/device or feeling frustrated. If this is you, try punching a pillow or doing something harmless, but don’t worry, you’ll beat your record eventually!

I almost forgot to mention that the best part about this app is that it’s free! Make sure to download Shade Spotter, and have lots of fun!

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This is Easy, Level One. Can YOU spot the shade?


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This is Easy, Level 12. Can YOU spot the shade?

This is Hard, Level Four. Can you spot the shade?

This is Hard, Level Four. Can YOU spot the shade?