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A Netflix Takeover

Millions of people watch TV everyday. Millions of people watch Netflix everyday. Millions of people watch Netflix produced TV shows everyday. Many people follow seasonal TV shows. Every Monday people everywhere happily sit down on their couch to watch their favorite TV show.  People have religiously followed this routine for many years. Miss a show? That’s okay, your DVR will record it for you. Miss a season? That’s okay too, Netflix has a variety of previous seasons available to you with one click of a button.

What if you get bored of the same old TV shows? What if you want something completely new? Netflix has you covered. The company has recently begun filming their own TV series that are available only on Netflix. Now you can watch both seasonal TV shows and brand new Netflix produced shows too.

The company started off with “test” series to feel out their new business idea. Two series in particular, “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards,” became popular almost immediately. Both series’ rating flew through the roof and avid watchers everywhere began calling for more episodes.

A majority of Netflix watchers agreed that they loved the fact the the Netflix produced series came out in seasons.

“I really like that I can watch the seasons at my pace, I don’t have to watch TV at a specific time on a specific night. I can do what’s convenient for me,” said senior Tessa Rubinstein.

The added convenience and accessibility of the Netflix produced series has shown in ratings and clearly driven the amount new series Netflix comes out with. There is a recently added section on Netflix specifically for the Netflix produced series. Some of these include “Love”, “Fuller House” and “the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Others are soon to come as popularity continues to grow.

So next time you have a few free moments and are bored of the same seasonal TV shows, take a chance and watch a new Netflix series…or maybe even a few.