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Charlie St. Cloud, a movie with love, suspense, and Zac Efron

School is hard. Instead of studying and doing your homework, you sometimes just need to kick back and enjoy a good movie. So if you’re looking for a heart-warming, suspenseful movie that will make you forget about the hours of homework you still haven’t done, look no further because Charlie St. Cloud is the movie for you!

Charlie St. Cloud was released in 2010. It was based on a novel called The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood, which was made in 2004.

This drama filled movie opens by showing Charlie St. Cloud (played by Zac Efron) and his little brother, Sam (played by Charlie Tahan), doing what they love most: sailing. One night, they go out for a drive when they get into a life-altering car crash. Charlie survives but sadly, Sam dies instantly and can’t be saved. However, although Charlie lived, his love of sailing and dreams of the future rest with Sam.

This sparked the rest of the movie, where Charlie is constantly seeing Sam everywhere. He plays catch with him in the forest every day before sunset. The boys’ bond was so strong that Charlie had such a hard time letting go, but when when his former classmate and love interest returns (played by Amanda Crew), he is put into situations where he can move on and be with her, or return every day before sunset to play catch with his brother.

The whole time, it made me wonder why Charlie was still seeing Sam and why it was so hard for him to realize he was gone so he could try and build relationships with those still with him first. It kept me wanting to know more each time and re-watch to look for any hints and details I could’ve missed. I thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys romance and suspense.