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Baseball crushes Vista Peak

On Monday April 11, the LHS boys’ baseball team defeated Vista Peak High School handily, 15-3. The Lions had such control of the game that it was mercy ruled at the top of fifth inning due to LHS being ahead by more than ten runs.

“We played great today. We came out aggressive with hitting and pitching too, we made plays and hit the ball hard,” said senior pitcher Ivan Buss.

The team definitely started off energized and wasted no time in scoring runs, leading Vista Peak 6-1 after just the first inning. Three quick outs in the second led to an incredible third inning for the Lions.

In the third, it was just player after player getting on base and scoring big runs. With LHS ahead 11-1 and just one out, senior Scott Corwin had a great triple that brought in two players. The strong offense for the Lions resulted in a 14-1 game after only the third inning.

“I think all of us today including me were confident at the plate and we did what we needed to do when it needed to be done,” said Buss.

Vista Peak was still battling hard and they showed some determination by getting two runs in the fourth, but LHS was playing an all around good offensive and defensive game. The Lions kept focused and on top of their game to score another run and beat Vista Peak in a short game. The team’s confidence and drive were sure present in this awesome victory.