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Track succeeds at the Mullen Adidas Runners Roost Invitational

Saturday, April 10, the LHS track team competed in the Mullen Adidas Runners Roost Invitational. The team did well, with many runners placing at the top of the pack.They competed against many tough schools including Regis, Lutheran, Valor and Mullen.

Senior Noah Mcgee placed taking first in the one hundred dash with a good time  and second in the two hundred dash, continuing his strong record this season.

In the girls 1,600 meter run both Sophomore Addi Aiken and Senior Magda Van Leeuwen both did well. Leeuwen got a time of 5:48.90 and Aiken with a time of 5:30.29. This was a particularly successful match for Aiken as she not only got second place but also set a new personal record.

Overall the team did very well in this meet. There next meet will be this Friday the 15th at Jefferson County Stadium.