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Lacrosse outlasts Evergreen

On Monday April 11, Lions Lacrosse played Evergreen, coming away with an 11-9 victory. Goals from senior Donovan Crabtree and excellent midfield play from sophomore Trevor Deshon and senior Will Gast propelled the Lions over Evergreen. Defensively, the Lions were solid until the dwindling seconds of the fourth quarter, where two goals were allowed within the last 40 seconds.

“Defensively, I think we just need to communicate better. As a team we need to improve on our fundamentals,” said senior defenseman Jake Bloom.

Lacking fundamentals were apparent in the game against Evergreen, where ground balls were being kicked around, open shots were not being put on cage and there was minimal cutting to the crease in the offensive third of the field.

“We played well overall, but had some trouble finishing plays at the end. It’s a good result for having such a short bench,” said Bloom.

Senior attackman Nathan Gothard, as well as midfielders Matty Paredes and Deagan Malloy were out with injuries, limiting the substitution options for the team. They should return from injury within the next week, and allow Lions Lacrosse to return to full strength for the rest of league play.