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Sliceworks for great, trendy Italian food

When heading downtown to see a concert at the Fillmore or Ogden, make sure to stop by Sliceworks for excellent pizza, and other Italian fare.  Located conveniently 1 block from the Fillmore and 2 blocks from the Ogden, this pizza joint delivers on all fronts that matter. Food is served in generous portions, tastes delicious and is priced fairly.

The location of Sliceworks is a bit queer.  Situated in a parking lot between a liquor store and an adult sex store, Sliceworks should be sketchy.  The expectation before I entered was a dark run down place where the only reason they were still standing was the money laundering business run out the back.  To my surprise, this quaint pizza joint was trendy and tidy (and probably isn’t a front for some darker business, but who knows).

Upon entering, we were guided to our seat on their upstairs deck-  of course after they gave us a sample slice of pizza.  The deck looked out upon the dingy setting described before (liquor store and sex shop).  Yet if you looked out toward the mountains one could see the expanse of the rocky mountains with silhouettes of the Denver Skyline; a sight that always baffles oneself no matter how many times you have seen it.

The menu is simple and elegant.  The options include, appetizers (make sure to get the cheesy bread), sandwiches, pasta, calazones, and pizza.  Our party opted for pizza and was not disappointed.  The crust was perfectly crisp, the sauce smooth, rich and finished with a nice balance of fresh toppings.  This may not be saying much considering that the description I just provided pretty much describes 90% of all pizzas on this planet, but what Sliceworks dishes out transcends description.  This may be one of the finest pizzas in Denver.

Barbecue chicken pizza at Sliceworks

Barbecue chicken pizza at Sliceworks