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Speech and debate faces regional national qualifying

On Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9, speech and debate students, Kelly Steinberg, Ellen Huggins, Samantha Burke, Ashlyn Kelsea, Avery Zieper, Lucy Haggard and Abby Moses got the opportunity to participate in the regional national qualifying tournament for speech and debate.

In order to compete in the tournament the students had to submit all of their scores for this seasons tournament and hope that they were strong enough to get in.

“We had to report all of the scores that we received this year to the National Speech and Debt Association, and register with them to be a part of the “honors society” says Junior Ellen Huggins.

At the tournament all of the Littleton students did well, with Burke and Huggins making it all the way to semi-finals, and Steinberg finishing as 5th alternate.

In all the team felt pleased with the results and were glad to end their season on a positive note.

“I Loved competing with the best people in the state, and I thought that this tournament was a great way to end the season” says Huggins.