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Lions bested by Rangeview Raiders

On Wednesday, April 13, the varsity baseball team went up against the Rangeview Raiders in an intense and difficult game, resulting in a 11-3 loss, in favor of Rangeview.

The game started out solid for the Lions, who went in confident to their home field. Starting pitcher Max Filder began the game throwing a lot of strikes towards the Raiders, and the Lions’ defense was playing well, too. However, things began to take a turn when the Raiders stepped up their game, hitting the ball hard and landing the team three home runs. Rangeview defense was on their game, as well.

“It was really frustrating as a player to experience what happened. Individually my performance was frustrating because whenever I hit the ball, the [opposing] defense was there,” said senior Ivan Buss. “We lost 11-3 in what should have been a closer game to a good 5A school,” said Buss.

Even though the Lions missed some hard hits by the opposing team, they still managed to scrape away a few hits of their own, and some hopeful smiles after the game.

“That was our last game before our league schedule starts, so we are pretty optimistic as a team, and are excited to start against Valor tomorrow,” said junior Sam Kale. Once the league schedule begins, the Lions will have plenty more opportunities to show off their skills and hard work.

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A player sprints to first base.

A player sprints to first base.