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Next year’s drum majors are determined after extensive audition

Last week, members of the Littleton High School band tried out for the drum major position. This year two drum majors were chosen instead of the usual three and they found out this past Monday, April 21. Next year, leading the band will be juniors, Ronja Vaitaitis and Julia Encinias. Twelve people tried out, all with strong auditions, but in the end Don Emmons was only able to take two of the twelve.

Both Encinias and Vaitaitis put in a lot of hard work in preparing for the audition, as the process for choosing the drum majors was extensive and selective.

“The preparation for it is actually really stressful, because there’s so much you have to do for it. You have to conduct and give commands, give a speech, and prepare a solo piece so a lot of it is hard work, focusing, practising, repetition and being confident in your abilities to succeed,” said Vaitaitis.

It has been a goal for Vaitaitis ever since she was 11 years old to be a drum major at Littleton High School so that she could follow in the footsteps of her sister. Encinias also had a brother who was a drum major at LHS, so both of next year’s new drum majors will be carrying on the legacy of their older siblings.

“I’ve wanted to be drum major ever since my sister got drum major, because I think it would be cool to experience what she did and everything she was able to do while she was drum major,” said Vaitaitis.

While Vaitaitis has known for a long time, Encinias recently fell in love with the idea, and has been working hard to achieve that goal ever since.

“I haven’t always wanted to be drum major. It kind of started last year, as I thought it would be a really fun thing to do. Just looking back at how we did and the excitement of everything made the idea of being a drum major really exciting,” said Encinias.

It is an exciting time for both Vaitaitis and Encinias, as both are very excited at the prospect of conducting and leading the LHS band starting from early this June and going till the end of November.