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Girls Soccer Dominates the Offensive

Girls soccer played Stanley Lake on tuesday night and it was an exciting game to watch. The girls dominated on offense. Sophomores Sarah Gray and Sarah Payson made a series of quick, concise passes to each other throughout the game taking shots that only merely missed the goal. The mid field also held their own keeping the ball on the offensive side. Senior Elisabeth Sanson and sophomore Anna Newby showed off there ball skills and put in great effort. Newby even made hit the cross bar twice.

“Highlights were probably Anna hitting the cross bar twice and then all of the chances we got up top and the combos we were making,” said Gray.

Despite, the cohesive effort of the team they lost a goal to an unlucky shot in the last 6 minutes of the game. It was a tragic lost although players still stay optimistic.

“We played really well. We worked together as a team and possessed and dominated most of the game which was nice to see,” said Gray.

The girls worked hard throughout the entire game and deserved a win.