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Lions defeat defending state champs

On Thursday, April 21, the varsity baseball team beat the defending state champions, the Green Mountain Rams, 6-4 in a close and intense game.

The game started out solid for the Lions, who went in confident on their home field. The Lions were pitching incredibly well. Senior Ivan Buss pitched the first five innings, with lots of strikes and allowing a total of only three runs. At the end of the game, senior Dylan Nickless returned after a month from a back injury, pitching the last two innings and leading the team to victory.

“The game was closed in the triumphant return of the war daddy Dylan Nickless from a back injury,” said junior Jarod Dreiling.

The Lions were also hitting well, putting the Green Mountain defense to the test. Dreiling helped lead the team to their final two run lead.

“The placement of Jarod’s hits, were not in line with the power of his hits. But he came through with a clutch RBI to pull ahead the rattlethnakes,” said junior George Schiebel.

The Lions have been working hard this season and their efforts were shown out on the field today. The boys are currently ranked 12th in the state and have high hopes going into the final games of the season.

“With the efforts of Ivan Buss, and some big sticks in tight spots we were able to pull it out,” said Dreiling.

Junior Jarod Dreiling hits an RBI

Junior Jarod Dreiling hits an RBI

Juniors George Schiebel and Max Fidler discuss the game in the dugout

Juniors George Schiebel and Max Fidler discuss the game in the dugout

Coach Josh Cox coaches senior Ben Horvat

Coach Josh Cox talks baserunning with senior Ben Horvat.