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Too much Mom not enough Dance

Season 6 of Dance Moms is up and running and there is more drama than ever before. Abby, the girls and their moms came into this season after a devastating loss at nationals closing season 5 and sans super star Maddie. This season so far has seen immense tension amongst the moms, the new mini team competing in their first competition and Abby being charged with bankruptcy fraud.

There have been mixed emotions about the arrival of the new competition mini team to the ALDC. The moms are on edge about Abby paying little attention to the original team and spending too much time with the new little girls. Abby also faced extreme legal trouble at the beginning of the season and was absent from several competitions including the mini’s very first. Amidst high tensions with the mothers, the addition of the minis provides a sort of comic relief to the show as they are just learning and developing their dance skills.

After seeing the loss of so many of the “original” girls from the earlier seasons such as Brooke and Paige, fans were anxious to see who Abby would bring on the team. Abby has welcomed Brynn onto the team. She has brought some tension amongst the moms with Abby’s favoritism towards the newby however as a viewer it is impossible to not fall in love with Brynn. She is competitive with Maddie and never fails to impress.  

Unfortunately with the drama of the new mini team, Abby facing legal issues and new members welcomed onto the competition team, this season has lacked some of the dance aspects that many viewers watch for. Because with two teams, there are more dances to show, solos get cut short and are not aired completely during episodes. The balance of reality and dancing is not quite as equal as it used to be.

Season 6 of Dance Moms has lots of excitement that keeps viewers watching but it is far different from the Dance Moms we knew in Season 1 five years ago.