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Students get involved in their community with Big Idea Project

Throughout the past two weeks, students from LHS started the Big Idea Project in order to help teen moms and homeless teens in their community. The project was originally assigned to them as a school assignment and if they saw it as just another school project at first, that opinion soon changed.

“At first we just looked it as another school assignment, but after we went and talked to the teen moms over at Options we realized how hard life actually was for them” said senior Kelsey Dice.

After talking to these teen moms, Kelsey Dyce and the other members of her group became fully invested in their project and decided that they should do something to try and make a difference for these people.

“We felt that they (teen moms and homeless teens) often don’t have the support they deserve. We wanted to help make their lives easier and show them that we were here to help support them” said Dyce.

In order to help these people, they posted many posters around the school asking for donations and visited clubs like the National Honor Society to get more people involved. They tried to get mostly donations of essential baby products for teen moms and other necessities for homeless teens in shelters and to make the student body understand the situation these young mothers and teenagers were put in.

“We received lots of baby goods and food items for the shelters. Teachers also donated. We even got a crib and a stroller which will both make a huge impact on a young mother. We were really surprised that we got so many donations and are incredibly grateful” said Dyce.

The student body showed great participation and the donations made to the Big Idea Project will help many teens in need according to Dyce. But if it will help these people, it also helped the students participating in the project by opening their eyes on how difficult life is for some teens in their community.

“ It helped us gain a better sense of community. It is really rewarding knowing that our school project will help benefit the lives of multiple teenagers in our Littleton community” said Dyce.

Finally, after such a successful first project, the students realized the impact they could make in someone’s life by doing something small and will definitely start and participate in more projects like this in the future.