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An ode to prom fashion

One of the high lights of high school is prom. The whole month that leads up prom is exciting. People figure out dates and groups, the venue is announced and people (mostly girls) start to buy or rent their prom attire. Although it is fun, the prom season can get stressful, so as we head into the next few days of prom spirit, here are a few things to keep in mind.
1. If someone shows up with the same dress as you, it’s not the end of the world. It really is fun to be unique and show up in style, but the truth is, everyone will look amazing no matter what.
2. Do NOT spend 200 dollars on a dress. Seriously. Save your money. Chances are, that beautiful designer 250 dollar dress is something you will only wear once. Prom will be so much more fun when you don’t have to worry about being in debt.
3. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Whether it is a tux, gown or a jumpsuit, your comfort and confidence is very important.
4. Remember the school dress code. If you would get dress coded for this dress at school, there’s a possibility you could get dress coded at prom. This could range anywhere from being asked to cover up, to being asked to leave.
5. Allow plenty of time for hair and makeup. It often takes a lot longer than you’d think, so if you have dinner reservations at six, give yourself at least an hour and a half.
6. Have fun. People get very stressed about prom, but in reality its just another dance, and it’s meant to be fun.