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Funding for Dominic

While Make-A-Wish week may have ended, funding Dominic’s trip to Disney World has not ended just quite. Throughout the week, people have had the opportunity to donate through various methods such as the Make-A-Wish shirts, the stars for the star walls, and even the Change Wars held by various teachers throughout LHS.

So far, LHS as a whole has collected five thousand dollars for Dominic’s trip to Disney World. However, the funding is not necessarily over.

“We are going to have a couple of restaurant nights, where some of the restaurant in the areas have promised to give us a portion of their proceeds, and then we have a couple corporations from our student council kids who are going to donate to us as well,” said student council sponsor Kathy Prestel.

There are some businesses are slated to donate for Dominic, but there is also more that students can do. Right now, both the local Beau Jo’s and Jersey Mike’s Subs are donating a portion of their profits each time you get something to eat.
Restaurant and business deals are planned to go at least until the end of the year, so if you haven’t donated for Dominic, there still are ways to do so.