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Tennis season draws to a close

The LHS girls tennis team sent one team to state after the regional tournament Wednesday, May 4, and Thursday, May 5. Doubles four players Abby Moses and Ashby Bell are headed to Pueblo next week after finishing second behind Kent Denver. LHS sophomore Reganne Fornstrom placed third in singles two, with two other third place finishes from Sophie Craig and Lili Froelich,   and Tian McGuire and Lauren Weiss, at doubles three and doubles two respectively.

The high finishes from LHS this year cap off an overall excellent season for the team. All players and doubles teams went into the tournament over .500, and to have such high finishes is a gleaming reflection of the amount of work that went in this year.

“We worked really hard and it’s nice to see it pay off with the results and finishes that we got at regionals this year,” said senior captain Anna Sonju.

While Moses and Bell continue to play for another week, the rest of the team’s season is done. Overall, it was a successful second season for head coach Jennah Hughes and the rest of the Littleton Lions Tennis Team.