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StuCo 2016-2017 has arrived

Today, Monday May 9, leaders of the LHS student body came out in front of class assemblies to tell their peers why they should be elected to serve LHS on the executive Student Council board for the 2016-2017 school year. All the candidates put forth their best foot forward with entertaining and passionate speeches this morning. Congratulations to the winners!


Student Body President: Andy Bredar

Student Vice President: Jack Leuthold

Student Body Public Relations: Maddie Fuchs

Student Body Secretary: Emma Olsen

Sac Rep: Brisa Banuelos


Class of 2017 President: Grant Bowman

Class of 2017 Vice President: Tatianah Summers

Class of 2017 Public Relations: Ellie Monblatt and Emily Sanders


Class of 2018 President: Reganne Fornstrom

Class of 2018 Vice President: Preston Novinger

Class of 2018 Public Relations: Tuscon Deshon and Sarah Payson


Class of 2019 President: Kathleen Le

Class of 2019 Vice President: Rachel Tobler

Class of 2019 Public Relations: Mackenzie Mckenna
Student body parliamentarian, historian and social outreach officer are still open to be filled. See Ms. Prestel for more details!