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Boys’ swimming competes in league

On Saturday, May 14 the LHS boys’ swim team traveled to Meyers Pool in Arvada to compete in the league meet. This was a very important competition because it determined who made state. Overall, the team found success.

Numerous people on the team were able to qualify for state. This includes sophomore Evan Montgomery who qualified in the 100 fly and was able to make it by .27 seconds. Also, senior Theo Jensen will also be competing in state after a four second drop with an overall time of 1 minute and 5 seconds.

“I felt really good after I saw my time and found out I qualified for state. It felt like all my hard work and training throughout the season really paid off,” said Montgomery.

The rest of the team felt good about the meet too. The boys overall got fifth in 4A out of 8 other teams.

“We were all pretty happy at the end of the day. I think we all swam out best and overall did really good at this meet,” said sophomore Tucson DeShon.