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Tennis Finishes the Season at State

Over 60 LHS girls played tennis this year. The season was a long and fun one that will be remembered by many players. The season comes to a close with a great opportunity for two of the team’s players.

Sophomore Abby Moses and junior Ashby Bell took 2nd at the regional tournament and were able to advance to the state tournament. The tournament took place in Pueblo this year and the state’s best singles and doubles players gathered to play for a title.

Bell and Moses played a Develyn team Thursday for their first match. Their competition was tough and they unfortunately lost their matches 0-6 and 2-6. Although they lost they were glad for the chance to play and plan to return to the tournament next year.

As the tennis season comes to a close the team and coaches are optimistic about the next season and hope to make it to the state tournament once again.