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Reflecting back on high school

If I had to sum up my high school experience in one word that word would be transformative. This might sound cheesy but it is the most honest way I can think to represent what I experienced over the course of my high school career. Simply put, I’m not that five-foot-three squeaky voiced rising freshman that I was four years ago. However, besides growing in a physical sense, I have been able to grow both intellectually and as a person more than I could have ever imagined. It feels forever ago that I was sitting at Freshmen Orientation or was judgmentally watching a drunk girl throw up all over the room of my social studies class as she got up to leave.

What I want to say to someone who is reading this on lionsroarnow.com is firstly, I commend you and thank you for actually reading our online publication, and secondly, don’t just go through high school and merely exist. Your high school education is what you make of it, so try to take every opportunity afforded to you.

During my time at Littleton High School, I tried to involve myself with as much as possible. It is my belief that by doing so, I made myself more equipped to tackle life after high school and am a more well rounded individual for it. By being on the newspaper staff and developing my love for writing, along with exploring my passion in the subjects related to STEM, I have left my options open for the future. The possibilities feel never ending and my future can truly be what I make of it going into college. Getting involved with a wide variety of things afforded me this opportunity and now I can face head on whatever college has to offer. Despite the fact that I am scared, I feel strongly that everything will work itself out.

This kind of attitude and belief that everything will be okay has been an ideal that I have carried with me throughout my high school career. I truly believe that no matter how bad something seems or how intimidating an assignment may be, if one works hard enough and puts in enough effort, everything will work itself out. I have found this to be true time after time.

Due to this philosophy of mine and my nature of dragging things out till the very last minute, people tag me as a procrastinator (which I am). However, my main reason for this is not because I’m lazy or because I don’t care about school, it’s because I want to be as prepared as possible before diving into an assignment. By contemplating how to tackle an assignment and constantly playing it out in my head I am able to figure it out and am that more ready when I actually sit down to do the assignment. This kind of last minute approach has had its highs and lows, and has led to some very stressful mornings, but one thing has never changed- it has always turned out alright in the end. I’m not supporting procrastination or waiting till the last minute as it is really up to you how you live your life. What I am saying is that I believe it is important to realize that while life may not be perfect and things happen, from a big assignment being dumped on you to something as big as a family member passing away, everything will be okay in the end.