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Senior class of 2016 graduation

Today, Friday May 20th, the school year officially came to an end with the graduation of this years beloved senior class. This special event didn’t focus on the sadness that comes to some with the departure from LHS, but rather the happiness, excitement and hope that the future holds for those moving on to bigger and better places. The graduates were a buzz with excitement, happy to have made it through four long years of high school, and everyone was just slightly distracted by the tantalizing call of summer vacation.

The stadium was packed with parents, friends, family, all beaming down with pride on their accomplished graduates. The event began with LHS Choir Director Jim Farrell and Instrumental Music Director Don Emmons conducting the orchestra and choirs in singing the National Anthem. This was a final performance for many of the seniors involved in the Performing Arts Department at LHS. It was so well done and certainly befitting to their final bow.

Following the lovely performance of our National Anthem, several distinguished guests took turns at the podium. Each of the student speakers expressed gratitude to the school and their peers, offering words of wisdom for the future. Student Body President Eric Hanson took the first slot, introducing the distinguished guests on the field and delivering a well written speech to his peers and the rest of the audience. Valedictorian Claire Martin and her partner, Jackie Pittman, followed with their speech. Salutatorian Annika Cobb pulled it all together with a nice speech, thanking all the people at Littleton High School, and the school itself, for shaping her high school career and character.

Following the student speeches, our principal Dr. Amy Oaks soon took her place at the podium. Oaks described to the audience her favorite story about Alexander, the Wild Things, and their wild rumpus. She quoted her favorite part of the story, where the Wild Things beg Alexander not to leave them for they love him so, making a sweet connection to the feelings all of us are left with at the departure of dear friends and students in the senior class. Following Oaks, Superintendent Brian Ewert and Assistant Secretary Jim Stephens also delivered fun speeches, each congratulating the graduates, offering advice for the future and wishes of luck. Senior Class President Claudia Kramer wrapped up the speeches with a quick address to her fellow class members, and then the ceremony of handing out diplomas began. LHS teachers Erin Mann and Thom Uhl read off the names of the grads, while Leslie Fotopulos and Greg Klein handed out diplomas.

The senior class will be greatly missed, and whether or not they realize it, they have made a huge impact on the school and the lives of the people that are a part of it. As Dr. Oaks said, we don’t want the seniors to go, for we love them so. But, it is their time to move on. They all have many opportunities awaiting them, and I know they will make the best of what lies ahead. To the seniors, congratulations and best of luck! For the rest of you, happy summer and see you in August!