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Letters for Letters: LHS celebrates academic excellence

Tonight, all students who earned and maintained a GPA of 3.5 in the 2015-2016 school year were celebrated with a ceremony. In this ceremony students either earned their first time letter, or received a bar, signifying more than one year of academic excellence.

This ceremony was made to honor all the hard work and dedication students have put into their school work over the past year. It was also a night that inspired students to do just s well, if not better, in the upcoming school year.

“I realize even on a personal level that events like this motivate driven students. Recognition and awards push people to challenge themselves, not only in academics, but in many other things. I think it was great to see all of the other scholars and know that we are a community in this together. I hope the number of people at the academic lettering ceremony increases,” said junior Reganne Fornstrom.

Students and family members were welcomed into the theater lobby by staff members. Students received an envelope which contained their academic letters and pins.

“This ceremony is important because it shoes how academically successful our students are. It also encourages others to strive for that success,” said senior Jack Leuthold.

The ceremony began with Principal Amy Oaks speaking about the importance of academic success in high school. According to Oaks, students who have better GPA’s in high school tend to do better in college, which leads to better jobs and better pay. Oaks congratulated all of the academic scholars and turned the stage over to 2019 class president, sophomore Kathleen Le.

Le gave an inspiring speech about how the first year of high school was just the beginning of lots of hard work and dedication, but that the outcome would be well worth it. After her speech, she welcomed up the class of 2019 to receive their awards. The class of 2019 had the largest amount of students receiving an award.

Next, the 2018 class president, junior Reganne Fornstrom, thanked parents and teachers for being strong leaders and role models in students lives. After this, the junior class accepted their awards.

Finally, student body vice president Jack Leuthold took the stage and gave an encouraging message to the seniors. Leuthold encouraged seniors to set the bar high for the classes below them, and challenged the seniors to strive for excellence everyday.

“The success of Littleton High School’s students inspires me to be an even more assiduous student so I can be one of the exemplars,” said Leuthold.

After all the students had been recognized, Oaks took the time to honor a few seniors  who had qualified for the National Merit Scholarships. These results were determined by the scores of the PSAT that the seniors had taken the previous year. Seniors Marina Cannon, Andrew Chan, Max Fidler, Samantha Kiernan, Elizabeth Patton, Elijah Schwanitz and Amanda Staab were the seniors who qualified for these scholarships. Mac d’Leeuwen also scored a high score and was given the National Hispanic Recognition.

Overall, the night was full of many outstanding scholars.

“I hope that we continue to improve in academics. Every time someone pushes themselves just a little bit harder, we grow as a class and as a school. I want Littleton to be the best it can be,” said Fornstrom.


Principal Amy Oaks Welcomes all the academic Scholars image

Sophomore Kathleen Le congratulates all the scholars of the 2019 classimage

class of 2019 academic scholars


Junior Reganne Fornstrom thanks parents and teachers for their helpimage

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Senior Jack Leuthold gives an ecouraging speech for seniors image

Senior class academic scholars