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Another successful LHS garage sale

A garage sale was held today in the LHS front parking lot and right from the start had success. The students in the choir program all helped to work the sale to raise money for the school.

“It’s a no-brainer, you make good money and you’re helping people out and it’s kinda fun,” said choir director Jim Farrell.

Farrell helped with this garage sale and helped gather volunteers to work it. This sale has gathered a lot of money in the past years and has made as much as $2,000. If something doesn’t sell, it goes to Savers.

The students working the sale were very enthusiastic and helpful. Many found treasures of their own while selling.

“I think it is going to go very well. I have some high hopes for this fundraiser. We just did it while messing around so it was kind of fun,” said senior Amber Sheeran.

Sheeran and her friend junior Evalynn Pirnack setup at the beginning and Pirnack’s favorite was the director chairs while Sheeran’s favorite was the trombone. They said the furniture by far was the hardest to bring out. The items ranged from pianos and dolls to halloween costumes and homecoming dresses. Most items were a dollar unless they were priced otherwise.

Many kids came to the sale and ran around looking at all the cool stuff. What kid wouldn’t want to buy a whole bin of barbie dolls? Overall the garage sale was a big success and the school earned over 800 dollars! All the extra items went to Savers and will go to a good home.