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Central Intelligence: A movie full of laughs

It is hard not to love a movie that makes you laugh out loud. “Central Intelligence” is the perfect mix of comedy, action and sincerity that you don’t want to miss.

Kevin Hart plays Calvin Joyner, a middle-aged accountant who couldn’t appear to be any more mainstream. Married to his high school sweetheart, Joyner finds himself stuck in the past, desperate to re-live his glory days as the high school jock voted “Most Likely To Succeed”.  Little did he know that his life was in for a drastic turn when he finds himself side by side with Robert Wierdicht (Dwayne Johnson), aka Bob Stone, a bullied fat kid from his past. Only to find out, Bob has changed too. He went from over weight teen to buff CIA agent, but his outside appearances have yet to catch up to his personality, which is still immature. Bob sees Joyner as his high school hero, and has no one else to turn to for assistance in a top secret CIA case. Joyner soon finds himself wrapped up in something he would never have imagined before, regretting his decisions to help Bob only while being pushed out of a skyscraper in a mail cart, while under a hailstorm of bullets and screaming “I’m not in! I’m not in!” over and over again to an unyielding Bob.

Despite the hilarity of this film, it also carries some sincerity in it’s embedded messages about friendship.  As you are falling out of your seat laughing at the scene of Joyner shrieking in terror as Bob pushes him in a mail cart through the gunfire, you really begin to root for their relationship. As Bob yells at Joyner to tell him everything is going to be fine, you realize that this is their relationship. It is crazy, but it is wonderful. These characters become so real as we see the boredom of our own lives in the monotonous lifestyle of Calvin Joyner, and our inner childlike hope and excitement in Bob. These two men fight and they joke, and we watch as Joyner hides his feelings and fondness of Bob until that fateful moment when he finally decides Bob isn’t so bad.

This movie is one that you won’t forget, with the laughs, the moments where you can’t keep the smile off your face, and the times when your eyes water up. You will want to jump in and run along side these two, just so that you can be part of the fun.