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Homecoming: Is it all what it used to be?

Homecoming has been a lasting tradition that is loved by all students and here at LHS, it lives on. However, the Homecoming Parade, which will be held on September 23, has changed for the sake of shortening the parade.

The homecoming dance, first of all, has no changes, and the theme this year will be slumber party. Many students are very excited to see how student council will present this occasion. Kathy Prestel, a Social Studies teacher as well as Student Council sponsor, confirms the Homecoming parade changes.

“Every class will make their own float, and anybody can make it, it doesn’t have to be student council.”

So anyone can make the float and everyone can work together.

Prestel also says, “Everyone will walk with the float. If you’re a junior, you’ll walk with your junior float. In FBLA, you’ll wear something that says FBLA.”

The idea behind this is that everyone can be with their class, and you don’t have to choose what float you want to be on if you are in more than one club.

Students have different things to say however. The changes are big, and sophomore Victor Rosales had this to say about the changes:

“I think it would be better if we just did our own individual thing though, like key club to themselves, football to themselves…”

These changes might take getting used to and some just like the feeling of an individual club float.

Rosales also said, “It’s respecting those clubs more.”

These changes hit everyone differently, but some people don’t know what LHS was like before it. Exchange student Vivian Sattler, from Germany, is sophomore and hasn’t experienced Littleton’s old parade. Sattler says that she might be confused as to who belongs to what activity during the parade. Confusion might be a factor in more students other than Sattler, just because some people don’t know how the parade is going to change or if they want it the way it was.

The parade will be great even if it is not how some people want it, because the culture and spirit that is brought to the parade by students makes a float just that much more interesting, or a costume that much cooler. These changes might not last, but they also might become the tradition to future students.